Past Projects

Institutional Projects: Project Management

  • Alabama A&M University: Facility Assessment of all existing buildings on campus
  • Alabama A&M University: ADA Campus analysis of the existing campus buildings
  • Alabama A&M University: Hillcrest Residence-Historical Assessment
  • Alabama A&M University: Old Council Training Building-Historical Assessment
  • Alabama A&M University: Cost Estimating for the Morrison Hall Renovation Project

Commercial Projects: Project Management

  • Wells Fargo Financial: Tenant Fit-Out
  • Motherly Care Day Care: Tenant Fit-Out
  • Roly Poly Sandwiches: Tenant Fit-Out
  • Alfa Mutual Insurance Company: Tenant Fit-Out
  • Dr. Kevin Snell Chiropractic Center: Tenant Fit-Out

Religious Projects: Project Management

  • Mount Gillard Baptist Church: Addition project

Municipal Projects: Redevelopment

  • City of Birmingham Civil Rights District Analysis and Redevelopment